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    Artisan Crafted Lighting features a catalog of handcrafted lighting fixtures designed and created with intention and care. We offer custom lighting design services for interior designers, architects, builders, home and business owners seeking a high quality, one of a kind piece for their spaces. Our collection of hand-crafted art lighting, artisan resources and custom lighting design services will bring your design to light.

    Modern and Designer Lighting for The Home

    Artisan Crafted

    Custom Lighting

    If your goal is to find home lighting ideas that are unique and beautiful, perhaps to have something custom, made for you by true artisans, then you have found the right company. Artisan Crafted Lighting is your direct source for designer and custom lighting design created by masters passionate in their craft. The result is the largest selection of the finest quality modern and designer lighting available anywhere. Among our artists are glass-blowers, metal smiths, woodworkers, and more. We offer lighting for both residential and commercial applications any style. We work directly with the artisans who make your lighting piece and have the advantage of being able to modify any of our pieces or have your dream piece of designer lighting crafted from the ground up!

    SoLuna Copper Lighting

    For over 20 years, Artisan Crafted has been crafting our own Soluna brand of copper sinks, lighting and home décor.  We have added an amazing array of copper pendants, copper sconces and one-of-a-kind copper multi-globe pendant chandeliers that can be customized to fit any space and décor.  The organic and sustainable nature of copper is a compelling addition to current designs and spaces.  From old world charm to more modern spaces needing a dash of warm color to balance the design elements, copper lighting can add that “wow factor” you have been looking for.  We craft this lighting in our own studio and can accommodate your custom requests. Call us today or to see all of our copper lighting fixtures

    Euro Modern Style

    Euro Modern Style

    Minimalistic, clean lines and the absence of much decoration is a growing, fresh trend in interior design for the home and beyond. Beyond your cool paint colors and contemporary furniture options, incorporating sophisticated lighting that is neutral, polished, and has strong geometric or asymmetrical features is a quick way to transform any room into a classic Euro-inspired look. At Artisan Crafted Lighting, we focus on displaying quality pieces that reflect the artisanship of European glass artists and craftsmen, and not the low-quality copies you’ll find imported from Asia or India. Browse any of our lighting categories under the style “Modern” to find an iconic modern chandelier, contemporary artisan lamp, innovative pendant light, edgy fixture or any other designer lighting piece that will subtly emphasize the streamlined, raw materials used in this enduring design trend.

    Kuster Chandeliers

    Sustainability + Design

    Across all styles of lighting, a new emphasis is falling not only on how our lights look, but how they perform. Energy efficiency is shaping a new generation of fine artisan lighting that doesn’t conform to the old models. LED’s consume less than a quarter of the energy used by fluorescents, and bulbs last up to ten times as long, so in a world where sustainability has become more than just a budgetary concern, LED’s are leading the way to the lighting of tomorrow. The diverse group of glass artists we work with create a wide variety of modern lighting fixtures. If you have any concerns about energy efficiency or use of green materials, please let us know and we will pair you with the perfect home lighting ideas. Keep an eye out, for new and exciting artisan and custom lighting design on the horizon,and we’ll always be here to bring you the best of them.

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